Belrobotics Auto Mowers

Robotic Mowers for large areas and professional applications.

Belrobotics invented robotic mowers for large areas and professional applications. The Belrobotics autonomous mowers give a perfect cut without human intervention.

  • Saving Time
  • 50% Reduction in mowing costs.
  • Kind to the environment.


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What makes Belrobotics different

Greater Cutting Width 

Belrobotics robotic mowers have a greater cutting width than other machines. Advantages of this is more frequent cutting and constantly keeping the grass at its optimum length.

Exclusive Cutting Method

Belrobotics robotic mowers have two to five floating fixed heads. The floating heads automatically adapt to the configuration of the terrain. Each head has 3 stainless steel blades, as sharp as a scalpal, that pulverise the grass into very fine particles. When an obstacle is detected, the blades retract automatically, eliminating all risk of accidents.

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The most powerful robotic mower in the world. With its 20,000 m2 capacity, it can handle very large areas: sports fields, public areas, public or private parks, etc.Its low power consumption means that it beats all the records...

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This robotic mower is the ideal accessory for private individuals, public organisations, and companies with large gardens. It independently maintains lawns of up to 10,000 m2. It saves precious time and money.Max. mowing area ...

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