Goupil Electric Vehicle - G4

Goupil Electric Vehicle - G4
Goupil Electric Vehicle - G4
Goupil Electric Vehicle - G4
Goupil Electric Vehicle - G4

Sample textAvailable in Drop side pick up, Tipper, Reefer van, Leaf collector, Waste tipping collector, Waste collector with lambo doors, Watering (sprayer) & High pressure cleaner.

The Goupil G4 takes the features that made G3 success (size, strength, ergonomic ...) offering superior comfort and performance. All components of the vehicle have been completely redesign to achieve a level of quality that exceeds market standards. The ladder steel frame offers a resistance to deformation and an incomparable modularity, the power train ensure perfect stability and comfort including the maximum load. The steering and brakes were also redesigned to respond instantly to the driver requirements.


  • 2 seats electric utility vehicle homologated on-road conditions
  • Compact size 1.2m widePayload capacity up to 1275Kg
  • Towing capacity 1 ton on-road (1,400kg N1)
  • Maximum speed of 50km/h
  • Battery autonomy up to 130km
  • Available in Lead Acid or Lithum Battery
Goupil Electric Vehicles
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