Tru-Turf Rollers


Tru-Turf Greens Irons are lightweight rollers which create a snooker table -like surface without compacting the soil beneath, resulting in better soil structure and healthier grass.

Raised cut heights, healthier greens ad consistent ball speeds are just some of the reasons why Superintendents are turning to Tru-Turf Greens Rollers.



This is our Flagship Model. If you seek enhanced productivity and extra functionality on top of flawless roller performance, this machine is for you.

The versatile RS48-11E is equipped with Tru-Turf’s patented offset rollers for perfectly even, crease-free smoothing in a 48 inch (1200mm) swath. Yet it’s also equipped with a slicer to help eliminate dry spots, remove excess water from greens and increase oxygen levels in the soil.

Optional fitment of a sweeper/broom and multi-pin spiker attachment further boosts the machine’s versatility.

In addition, high power 12 volt LED lights allow early morning or late night runs to make the RS48-11E even more of a workhorse.

Naturally, this model retains the superb balance, ease of use, exceptional traction, and high levels of operator safety which distinguish all Tru-Turf rollers.



Engine Type: Honda

Rolling Width: 48"

Trailer:     Integrated

Warranty:   2 Years



Enviable performance. Exceptional durability. Inherently engineered for safety. The RB48-11A Golf Greens Roller delivers an unrivalled combination of advantages in an affordable package.

The RB48-11A rolls a 48 inch (1200mm) swath in a single pass. Its dual rolling heads are equipped with Tru-Turf’s patented offset rollers for perfectly even, crease-free smoothing and superior contour-following ability.

The machine is superbly balanced. Steering is light and easy, for smooth operation on the most challenging of greens. A low centre of gravity ensures roller stability and operator safety.

Ideal for those on a budget who will never compromise on quality.



Engine: Honda

Rolling Width: 48"

Trailer: Included

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