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Goupil is an exciting range of Electric Vehicle designed for use in various small truck/van applications including Parks & Garden Maintenance, Street Cleaning, Bin Collection, General Deliveries and a variety of other uses.

Goupil are the European Leaders in Electric Vehicles, with over 5,000 Vehicles in circulation throughout the world. All the vehicles are manufactured to the highest standards in their factory in Bouran, France. 

Some of the key advantages are

  • 100% Electric Vehicle
  • Zero Emmisions.
  • Up to 200km Range
  • 1 tonne Payload.

For further information and to arrange a demonstration, please call us on 01-8386867.


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Goupil Electric Vehicle - G4Available in Drop side pick up, Tipper, Reefer van, Leaf collector, Waste tipping collector, Waste collector with lambo doors, Watering (sprayer) & High pressure cleaner.The Goupil G4 takes the...

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Goupil G2 Electric Utility VehicleA modern design, a smooth drive and easy to use, the Goupil G2 Electric Utility Vehicle is the perfect partner. Homologated for Road use and able to carry up to 600kg, its versatility will be...

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Cost Benefits of a Goupil

Electric Vehicles are the most economical mode of transportation for frequent stop & go usePetrol VanGoupil ElectricSavings on Maintenance Cost€   845€229Savings on Fuel Consumption€1,875€230Savings on Insurance Costs, Roa...

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